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Running on Empty

She's about to lose her kingdom—but she may have just found her Prince.


Princess Natalie Anastasia Hofstetter is a woman without a future. Unable to inherit the throne, she arrives at a climate change conference to be shopped around as a potential bride as her father searches for a match that will benefit her family—without love getting in the way. She's looking for a way out, but can't find one.


Ian Moss is rebuilding his life, starting with being hired at Kiski's Kafe. When he finds himself in the middle of a protest while making a delivery, he ends up saving a woman from being trampled. When he asks her for a date, he finds himself in the middle of a mystery—and a crisis. All he knows is that she keeps lying to him, but he can't stop falling in love with her. Except what he doesn't know might destroy any hope of their being together…


She's lying to save her life—but it might cost her any chance at love.