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Running from Royalty

She said no to a Prince - can she say no to a King?

Kathleen Kiski, a successful businesswoman in Toronto, Canada, is shocked to see her old boyfriend, Teddy Dubrienne, leading the news feed – catapulted onto the world stage when his entire family perishes in a suspicious explosion. Teddy isn't just any man—he's the third in line to the Ansulenian Throne. He was a Prince when they dated five years ago, offering her a chance to marry and be a Princess—she said no. Now he's about to become King.


Theo never planned to ascend to the throne, and not only has to deal with the devastating loss but also his mother's last request—to have Kathleen present at the funeral. In the depths of his sorrow, having Kat around would be the best medicine for his shattered heart and soul… but others are watching. Now Theo has to decide what's best for his kingdom, not necessarily for himself. Kat doesn't see herself as worthy, not five years ago to be a Princess and definitely not now to be Queen.


Except it may be just this reluctance that's needed to help a kingdom heal…