Kate Dubois is a Domme-for-hire for the highly exclusive Hooded Pleasures, a service
offering private BDSM sessions to those who can’t—or won’t—risk appearing in an actual

Lately, though, she wonders if professional burnout is causing her to have painful flashbacks
to a past heartbreak. When her boss insists her next client will be a breath of fresh air, Kate
reluctantly agrees to an interview.

Alex Hanson dominates the world of computer game programming, but secretly he suspects
he might be a sub in the bedroom. There’s only one good way to find out—hire a
professional to show him the ropes.

Their first meeting puts both of them to the test—Alex’s self-control, and Kate’s realization
she might just like him a little too much. But there’s no denying their emotions are
inextricably entangled…a dangerous step Kate’s not sure her heart is prepared to take.

From Joey W. Hill, author of "Natural Law" and the Vampire Queen series:

"I loved Alex and Kate's chemistry, and one scene in particular touched my heart enough I
re-read it several times. The author followed her own romantic heart on this story, and it
showed, as did her strong writing talent. I would definitely read more stories by this author."


She knows how to stand on her own two feet. Can she find power on her knees?

Veronica Locksley is a Domme without a club to play in. Suspended from Boots ’n’
Chains for not being gentle with her submissives, she’s offered one chance to regain her
status. Spend some time as one of them.

Everything in her rebels at the idea, but she has no choice but to agree.

Oliver Greenwood is a sexy, powerful but widowed Dom who’s ready to emerge from
his grieving period. All that stands between him and his return to the dating scene is one
last assignment for Hooded Pleasures—to put a Domme under his thumb for six sessions
to teach her greater respect for her subs.

Veronica turns out to be more than a handful. Yet even as she butts heads with him
every step of the way, he discovers that beneath her tiger-in-the-boardroom personality
hides the heart of a true submissive. One that’s extraordinarily easy to fall in love with.
But before she can become anyone’s dream—including her own—he has to let her go.
And hope she finds the path that will lead back to his arms.

Warning: Brooding Dom bookstore owner who’s looking to begin living again and a tough
businesswoman who doesn’t realize that being on her knees makes her stronger, not

RT Books Reviews Says: Nantus throws in a wealth of familial problems to complicate
the personal ones in this compelling novel. She develops vivid personalities with complex
problems, which she deftly solves. BDSM elements add to the titillating romance.
He’ll risk everything for her safety—this time it’s personal.

Of all the subs Jennifer works with as a Domme-for-hire for Hooded Pleasures as
“Danielle”, her favorite is Nathan Harrowsford, a sexy, tough—yet kind—beat cop with a
desire to be dominated on his days off.

Though she is responsible for creating a haven for his fantasies, it’s he who makes her feel
safe. Yet when she learns a violent piece of her past has been let out on parole, she
hesitates to bring Nathan anywhere near her complicated world.

Nathan doesn’t know anything about “Danielle”, not even her real name. But when she
reluctantly asks for his help, he’s determined to move heaven and earth for her safety.
Because he’s a cop, a man, and her submissive—in that order.

When danger hits too close to home, Nathan’s race to save her and the rest of her subs
pushes him to the edge of his skills, and his feelings for his Domme. Because he’s no longer
willing to settle for being just her client. He wants her for his full-time lover—if they live long

Warning: Sexy cops who raise the heat—in the kitchen and out—and a man who’s not
afraid to rise from his knees to guard his lover’s back.
Hooded Pleasures