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To celebrate the upcoming release of Deadlock by Cherrie Lynn on June 25th, Entangled Publishing has arranged a Scavenger Hunt! Follow the links at the end of each stop and collect clues along the way! Click here to start at the beginning of the Scavenger Hunt. At the end, enter your clues to be entered to win the grand prize: a Nespresso Espresso maker and coffee goodies to keep your all-night hacking (or reading) sessions going strong. You might find a few bonus giveaways in hidden links throughout the Scavenger Hunt, too, including print copies of Deadlock!


I'm excited to an exclusive excerpt of Deadlock.

The jewelry case blurred in her vision, and a puzzled sales lady asked if she needed any help, but Lindsey shook her head and turned away, shoving her hands in her coat pockets and hunching her shoulders. She wasn’t up for this today, wouldn’t ever be up for this until Lena was back. She had to do something. If she did meet with Jace, she needed more to give him.

Early evening enshrouded her as she left the department store, burying her mouth into the warm fabric of her scarf against the cold, keeping her eyes downcast.

Lena didn’t have any real friends. It had occurred to her many times over the past few years that she didn’t know one single person to call for help when Lena pulled her disappearing acts.

How could that be so? When she left, who did she go with? What did she do? And how was it that she had always been so adept at dodging questions? Now she was gone, and Lindsey had no one to turn to.

Of course, she wasn’t quite sure who Lena would turn to should their situations be reversed. She’d always liked it that way. She supposed her twin did, too.

There was one bar she knew Lena frequented, however. She talked about it sometimes, though going out for a night of drinking wasn’t something Lindsey did, so she’d never joined her.

An outrageous idea occurred to her, one that was absolutely insane, really, and not something she was sure she could pull off—if she dared to try. But if she wanted to find out information about her sister, she had the best weapon imaginable in her arsenal.

She had Lena’s face.


Scavenger hunt: What’s the one place Lindsey knows Lena frequents?

Next stop: Sidney Bristol


Deadlock releases June 25th! You can pick it up in paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever books are sold. Add it on Goodreads