Delta Force Brotherhood Book 1

Hard Play

She's taking on a mob boss and won't stop
until she gets justice. He won't stop until
she's safe.

They can't both get what they want... or can

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Delta Force Brotherhood Book 2

Hard Run

When Skye Harris asks the Brotherhood for
help with a gang, it's time for Finn Storm to
step up.

But when she's caught in the crossfire Finn
has to decide whether to follow his heart or
his carefully crafted plan to not only clean up
the town but heal his soul.

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Delta Force Brotherhood Book 3

Hard Pursuit

He has a choice to make - justice or love.

Never in his life has Trey been more
attracted to a woman, but she’s hiding
something. And that something may just
destroy them.

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Real heroes risk everything... including their

2011 Second Place PRISM award-winner!   

Saving the world is easy for a superhero—
unless you’re a fraud.   
Jo Tanis is a superhero, fighting evil on the
city streets—and it’s all just a show.    When
Earth comes under attack, suddenly the
show becomes deadly real.   

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Their love rides on a spring and a prayer...

During the recent Civil War, a soldier risked
his life to save Jonathan Handleston—and
lost. With the help of an advanced metal
brace on his crippled hand, Jon now travels
the poker circuit. But he needs an engineer
to repair the delicate mechanisms.

The only one available is Samantha
Weatherly, a beautiful anomaly in a world
ruled by men. But evil forces are at work
and no good deed goes unpunished...
Some loves are bigger than this world…

Former soldier Erik Harrison is a dead man
walking. He questions his own sanity,
remembering the vision he saw as he was
dying –– a battle angel come to collect his
friends' souls.

Valkyrie Brenna Lund doesn't know why she
failed in her duty to reap Erik's soul. He
deserves his place with the other mighty
warriors in Valhalla, and if she wants to return
home, she has to kill him.

There are consequences for betraying the
gods. But the closer Brenna and Erik become,
the more they both want to risk everything for
a future together.
Liam Wolfson, professional assassin, is dead.
Jack Hammerson, lives in a small town in
Colorado, happy helping out as many of the
townsfolk as he can. Until one night when a
woman falls into his arms, calling out his old

Kara remembers nothing about her previous
life, only brief glimpses of their time together...
but she knows her fate is entwined with Liam's.

Liam has worked hard to hide all traces of his
old life, but Kara rips old wounds open as their
old feelings for each other come rushing back.
But it's not just Kara who's come to town
looking for answers. When mercenaries arrive
looking for Liam, he’ll need Kara to remember
what she's capable of if either of them is going
to survive...